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Language is the liquid that we’re all dissolved in

by J. C. Greenway
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Surprised to realise the other day that it has been ages since I have written for ten minutes hate about music. Strange, as I have a head full of it most days, waking from dreams with songs playing in my thoughts, wandering to work with headphones blaring, sharing recommendations with friends, my mood altering from jubilation to introspection depending on the whims of my mp3 player’s shuffle function.

I was in one of the more thoughtful frames of mind at the weekend when this line from the Modest Mouse song, ‘Blame it on the Tetons’, caught my ear:

Language is the liquid

That we’re all dissolved in

Great for solving problems

After it creates a  problem

As a writer and teacher, someone who grapples with words for a living, you might expect a certain ability with them. I admit I can do ok on occasion. But for every time that happens, as often are the times when words go astray, don’t convey what I mean them to, or can’t travel far enough, fast enough, to soothe someone dear’s pain. For all those times, I am glad there is music.

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