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Bruise, a drama by John Maguire

by J. C. Greenway
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Yet another reason for me to be missing Liverpool!  If you are fortunate enough to be in my home town at the end of February, don’t miss the latest from brilliant local playwright John Maguire…

Love, Lust, Deception, Rejection.

BRUISE is a new piece of theatre exploring a destructive gay relationship.

Two Gay Males, early thirties.
One Professional, one Writer.
Love and Lust,
Hedonism and passion,
The domestic cycle of their lives.
The usual merry go round of nitpicking, arguing, the making up.
Begging the question, what exactly is love?
And how far would you go to push it?

The play will be performed at Lantern Liverpool 24-25 February at 7:30 pm
(£8.00, £6.50 concession) and is also being used to raise awareness of the LGBT charity Broken Rainbow

More information on the cast is available at Firecracker Fashion site.

The Bruises they will fade away, you hit so hard with the things you say.

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