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Reading Independent Publishers Month is here again!

by J. C. Greenway
Read Independent Publishers Month
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Last February’s Reading Independent Publishers Month brought me many new books to enjoy and so it is wonderful to hear it is happening again — as before, hosted by Kaggsy and Lizzy. There are so many creative and risk-taking independent presses worldwide helping readers discover stories and writers that they might not otherwise and, while I have my favourites, there is always room for more! Last year I made a list of indies whose books I had already reviewed and then tried to keep the spirit of #ReadIndies going throughout the year.

Reading Independent Publishers Month 2

So if you are looking for inspiration for your list for Reading Independent Publishers Month, here are some fiction titles I have enjoyed since last February:

Marie Ndiaye Self Portrait in Green (Influx Press) – come and meet the green women…
Claire Keegan Small Things Like These (Faber and Faber) – this short novel has a lot to say.
Qissat: Short Stories by Palestinian Women (Saqi Books) – a strong collection from a diverse group of writers.
Aidan McQuade The Undiscovered Country (Unbound) – a lively murder-mystery set during the Irish War of Independence.
Vigdis Hjorth Long Live The Post Horn! (Verso) – probably the most uplifting tale about postal services you’ll ever read.

And some non-fiction/memoirs:

Svetlana Alexievich Second Hand Time (Fitzcarraldo Editions) – an oral history of the end of the Soviet Union, which would go well together with…
Maria Stepanova In Memory of Memory (Fitzcarraldo Editions) – tracing the history of a Russian family through the objects, photos and anecdotes they leave behind.
Rossana Rossanda The Comrade from Milan (Verso) – postwar Italian politics and cultural life vividly remembered.

I will be attempting to add a few more as we go through February, but from looking at the shelves, I am sure four weeks won’t be long enough again!

What are you planning to read this month for #ReadIndies? Let me know in the comments below.

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Liz Dexter 4 February 2022 - 5:10 am

I’ve made up a nice pile for myself, reported on my State of the TBR post on 1 Feb. Really looking forward to delving into them. Nice to know Faber is still indie as I have some of theirs, too! Have fun with your Indies!

J. C. Greenway 4 February 2022 - 7:24 pm

Loved your list – you always have such a diverse range of books to read! Hope the new shelves are bringing a lot of joy and inspiration too. And Faber do count: https://www.faber.co.uk/about-faber/ (they were also on the list of indies on Kaggsy’s site) so go, go, go…


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