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Thinkover – wearable artworks by Fanni Kopacsi

by John Maguire
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Fanni Thinkover
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Clothes do maketh the person. We are all ourselves, essentially a blank canvas to broadcast to the outside world our beliefs and attitudes. Freelance artist Fanni Kopacsi, Founder of Thinkover – extraordinary clothing for unique people – is using fashion as an art-form, to celebrate individuality and realise self-awareness.

thinkover Sigita Silina

10mh had the pleasure of entering into the dressing up box of her mind to discuss design and creativity.

10mh: When did you first discover you had a passion for fashion?

It is actually a passion for art and self-expression. And fashion is a very powerful tool for that. I grew up in the alternative scenes of Budapest, Hungary, in love with punk and rock music. But as much as I was using clothing to rebel against the generally accepted norms, I also lacked self-confidence. I had a lot of skin problems, which – looking back now – was totally normal at that age, still, I was suffering from being able to express myself totally and I used my appearance as a shield to protect me. Plus, in that subculture it really didn’t matter how you looked and I admired it so much. You could be tall, short, gay, straight, black, white, it was more about being human and have fun together.


So, I guess those years had a very big impact on who I am now and what do I want to say with my clothes. By creating one-of-a-kind hand-painted pieces, I want to inspire people to be themselves, wear the things that express their personality the most and at the same time accept others the way they are. Don’t judge on a superficial appearance, be open and stay curious about each other.

Sigita Silina Thinkover denim

10mh: Who are your influences or the artists you admire?

One of my favourite artists is Egon Schiele from Austria. I love his style of drawings and paintings. And an important influencer is Vivienne Westwood. She is representing something very important that most of the fashion industry nowadays tends to forget: that quality is more important than quantity and that we need to align our life and work – including shopping and producing clothes – in a way that we respect nature and not destroy the planet and the people.

Thinkover models

10mh: How do you approach a new piece of work?

I get a lot of inspiration from people. Their personal stories allow me to be creative and think about the issues humanity and the planet face today and make me think how I can transform them into an artwork. Usually it all begins in my heart, then in my mind, drawing a sketch and a concept is born.

Sigita Silina Thinkover T-shirt

10mh: Is there one tool that you could not do without?

A sketchbook. I always have around 5 different sketchbooks/notebooks and I tend to never finish one before starting a new one!

10mh: If you could exhibit in one building/place where would you and why?

It would be a public space where I can reach people who would might never go into a gallery to see an exhibition. Like a commercial centre. Something not artistic at all. I think art sometimes can be very exclusive and reach only a certain type of people. I want my art to be as accessible as possible, by using the spaces and the language that people can engage with easily.

Thinkover atelier Tom Morley

10mh: Describe a typical day in your studio…

I usually work on multiple things. On a piece of cloth, a canvas painting, then someone comes in and we lose in a discussion for an hour. Maybe I would need someone to manage my time, so I could be more efficient 😊

Thinkover Tom Morley

10mh: What are your ambitions for the future?

I see Thinkover becoming a platform where people can be totally honest about who they are, so it can serve as an inspiration for others. I am also working on making the brand as sustainable as possible by using sustainably-sourced fabrics and paints. And I want to do much more exhibitions with personal projects.

10mh: Do you have any advice for new artists starting out?

Just go for it and work for it. If you believe, you can achieve anything.

There is more from Thinkover on their Gallery page and check out Fanni’s Tumblr

Tom Morley Thinkover t-shirt

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