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A Nice Cup of Tea

by J. C. Greenway
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On my recent trip back to the UK a great pal asked me what it was about George Orwell that I thought made him so relevant over fifty years after his death. A couple of vodkas to the good I blethered on about the politics, writing and all round genius. How his being of the Left but often despairing of his fellow travellers means that his writing still speaks to those who support left-wing causes and those who oppose them. Obliged to Offend is much more eloquent on the subject here.

That is all correct, but what I should really have done is what I am about to do now. Which is to point everyone who needs further convincing in the direction of this essay by Mr Orwell, on his instructions for a perfect cup of tea. I consider myself to be no mean slouch in the tea-making department and have made tea that has wowed drinkers on three continents. But even I don’t have an eleven-point programme for the correct way to go about it. My favourite method is to have someone else do all the hard work. And I could have an argument with him from now until the end of time about point 10.  But far all that, I still believe there is no more perfect way to spend a day, especially a Sunday, than curled up with George Orwell and a favourite brew. I have a feeling he would approve.

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