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E-Day minus 1

by J. C. Greenway
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Some good things for you to read as you wait for tomorrow to make your mark. First, I could probably have written every word of this piece by Gary Younge, just nowhere near as well:

I don’t have a phobia about Tories. That would suggest an irrational response. I hate them for a reason. For lots of reasons, actually. For the miners, apartheid, Bobby Sands, Greenham Common, selling council houses, Section 28, lining the pockets of the rich and hammering the poor – to name but a few. I hate them because they hate people I care about. As a young man Cameron looked out on the social carnage of pit closures and mass unemployment, looked at Margaret Thatcher’s government and thought, these are my people. When all the debating is done, that is really all I need to know.

Try and hold that in your minds as you stroll polling station-wards in a belief that Call Me Dave is a tree-hugging almost social democrat. I am barely old enough to remember the 80s and it was terrifying. Less Ashes to Ashes and more Escape from New York. Let’s not go back there again.

Then, Septic Isle reaches ‘the desperate hours’:

Even if you have to accept that the media were always going to focus on the debates to the detriment of everything else, the ultimate blame for this sorry campaign has to be laid at the parties themselves. For politicians that constantly bang on about and obsess themselves with the almost mythical “aspirational”, hard-working voter, the poverty of thought and strategy over the last month should have been expected. As both Cameron and Brown went to the umpteenth supermarket or school, achieving absolutely nothing but delivering a few pictures which the newspapers and broadcasters would be able to fleetingly use that night or the next morning, you just might have imagined that someone might have reconsidered how they were attempting to reach voters.

Read the rest of his post for the most pertinent commentary on this election, much more astute than anything you will see from any other news source in the next 48 hours.

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markwoff 5 May 2010 - 2:43 pm

That Smith-written Younge piece would never have had the phrase ‘To see them miss this own goal’ in.

So many columns, blogs and things being written! I shall keep silence until it’s over, but I was particularly inspired by Gary Younge’s phrase ‘Voting is always a balance between the moral and the strategic. What do I want, what can I get and what do I feel comfortable endorsing to get it.’ Heart says no!

Julia Smith 5 May 2010 - 4:39 pm

No, I would probably have gone for:

‘to see Cameron shimmying through the centre, hoping to get a lucky punt on the end of Osborne’s floating cross from the right, before slipping on an uneven divot and blasting the ball into Row Z’

… but maybe Younge doesn’t have access to the high quality of sub-editing what I do.


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