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End of an Era

by J. C. Greenway
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Since every other mo’-fo’ in the universe has managed to con someone into publishing their list of the best/worst films/songs/artists/Pret-sandwich-fillings of the week/year/decade recently, I thought it only fair that ten minutes hate gave it a go.¬†Except I’m not going to do anything that scientific. Instead here is a completely arbitrary and slightly esoteric list of five songs that have made 2009 better. Tell me if you agree or leave your own suggestions in the comments. And have a Feliz Ano Nuevo!

1. Nadsroic – All Hot

FACT magazine mixes have provided me with much enjoyment this year, at a time when saving for Japan has meant spending on music had to dwindle. (Wanna make me a mixtape? Get in touch!) I first heard this as the opener of the Alexander Nut mix, which is now sadly no longer available to download, but you can listen to the song on Nadsroic’s MySpace page. And you really must, because it is like nothing else you will have ever heard, all ethereal vocals and thumping drums that will be stuck in your head for ages after. Then, if you have any cash spare because you’re not moving to the Far East soon, please buy a copy of their EP on my behalf. Ta.

2. Risque Rhythum Team – The Jacking Zone

Needs no additional words from me, I think, this is just a great slice of classic Chicago house that improved my journeys to work last year by approximately 98%.

3. Quixote ft Lisa Li-Lund – Before I Started to Dance

A splendid chunk of French synth-pop type stuff which puts me in mind of old Source Labs compilations. Lovely.

4. Coconut Records – West Coast

Will make you want to be able to skate like Mark Gonzales.

5. Kid Cudi v Crookers – Day ‘n’ Night

So I was standing at the bar in the Dolphin, a bit worse for wear, about 1 am and obviously not nearly worried enough about work later on that morning as I had just got another round in. This video appeared on the screen behind the bar and within seconds the entire clientele was transfixed. Yes, it’s cheesy. Yes, it dents any credibility I earned with the previous four tunes. But, as I’ve often argued, where would we be without the cheese, people?

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Rachel Roberts 30 December 2009 - 3:06 pm

I genuinely have not heard of one of these songs!

I am clearly as old as time itself…

Julia Smith 6 January 2010 - 11:50 pm

Aren’t I older than you? That’s no excuse!


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