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by J. C. Greenway
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Friday tunes to put you in a good mood!

1. Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler

Especially for everyone that was at Lovebox last weekend as SMD provided the soundtrack to the most amount of fun had on a Sunday evening since Match of the Day 2 finished. (Possibly.)

2. The Who – Substitute

Sometimes I realise that pretty much everything I listen to is from the 60s. Then I remember sadly that it was over 40 years ago, I wasn’t even born and wonder if maybe it is time to move on. Until I hear again how proud Roger Daltrey is that he’s still getting his washing done and decide to start placing ads in science magazines for a genius to build me a time machine.

3. Santogold – L.E.S. Artistes (xxxchange remix)

This is one my good pal Bone Conduction first played for me and I have hardly stop listening to it since that happy day. You should listen to it too, maybe while reading his marvellous blog, which is also filled with fun things to listen to.

4. Tiga – Mind Dimension

Another big tune from SMD’s set at Lovebox. Hands in the air for this one…

5. Frank Wilson – Do I Love You?

Because it is my favourite Northern Soul song.  Because it is from that decade that I love so much. Because when the horns come in just before the two minute mark it is one of the most perfect things ever committed to vinyl. Because it was the last song I heard before leaving the house this morning and so has been playing in my head all day. Because if you hear it, it will put you in a good mood too. Just because.

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