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Anarchy in the UK

by J. C. Greenway
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From fashion magazine Plastique comes news that:

Ever present bold costume jewellery and statement shoes are paired this season with an anarchic attitude and the desire for change.  Take a stand.  Be counted.

I’m a woman.  A woman who likes clothes.  A woman who sometimes looks good in clothes.  Yet I read the above and, dear me, I shudder.  This season’s anarchic attitude: I hope it will survive until Autumn/Winter and not find itself replaced with something more submissive.  I want it to be more than a case of striking the right pose.  I dare to cheer, to applaud the sentiment, even as I worry that Plastique’s take on all this economic gloom is still to, you know, buy stuff.

And no sooner had I thought that, do I find here:

No one gives a shit about democracy any more,” says Joe Corré when I ask him about his political beliefs. “You vote left or you vote right and you just get the same old crap. The only real choice people have now is where they spend their money. That’s what democracy’s come down to in Britain.

So that seems conclusive.  This season, prove your anarchist credentials with nothing more than some cracking underwear and a studied air of rebellion.  The only direct action you need take is a swipe of the plastic and the entering of your PIN.  To the barricades Oxford Street, comrades!

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