Weekend links

ten minutes hate has been on holiday in Tokyo this weekend, showing a friend the sights, including a display of bonsai at the Meiji shrine:

Feeling rested and refreshed and wanting to share the feeling, here are some links for a lazy Sunday…

  1. Ben Six wonders if one Henry Kissinger is the right man to clean up football
  2. This is a great story from Nick Bryan about the perils of Facebook
  3. Caroline Josephine of Spooning with a Schoolboy has discovered the true path to a Japanese lad’s heart (clue: it involves fish)

Have a great Sunday!


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2 Responses to Weekend links

  1. Thanks for linking me! Hahaha, it’s so true about the stomach leading to the heart.

  2. I love that you got a diamond, he got salmon and you’re both as happy as each other. Aren’t boys incredible?

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