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No Alanis, this is ironic…

This blog hates many things, as the name suggests.  Top of the all-time shit-list though, is the British tabloid “news”paper known as The S*n.  This earlier post explains why.

Now, as much as I love to hate, there are many things I genuinely love and WordPress is one of them.  Absolutely lovely, easy-to-use blogging software which crashes through busyness very rarely, despite the more than 200,000,000 posts about cats, cheese and other varied topics it is hosting.  Marvellous.

I also like the way it points you in the direction of other similar posts through the ‘automatically generated links’ section which it adds to the end of every post (click on the post title if you haven’t seen this before.  It is exciting!)

That said, it was with some disquiet that I noticed the automatically generated links added to the end of the post before this one: ‘Mawkish brutality‘ included one to – are you getting this Miss Morissette? – The S*n’s pictures of the aftermath of the Cumbrian murders.

I have been in touch with WordPress’ lovely support people and it seems I can’t get rid of this link without removing all of the automatically generated links on ten minutes hate.  So as I don’t want to do that, the link has to stay.

But please:

And that includes clicking on links.

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‘Mawkish brutality’

Tabloid Watch has an excellent article here about Cumbrian MP, Jamie Reed, and his reaction to the media coverage of the murders committed by Derrick Bird.  It is a moving speech, one that deserves to have a wider audience, particularly because he really doesn’t pull any punches in his condemnation of the behaviour of certain members of the national press.  Of course, we know that they have a considerable amount of form in this area:

To give a parallel – I know that this is a difficult issue – certain national newspapers have elicited feelings in my community similar to those that were elicited in Liverpool by the way that the Hillsborough tragedy was reported

It is a fair comment, as I don’t think I was the only one horrified by the lengths that the papers felt it was necessary to go in order to ‘get the story’ and their lack of sensitivity towards those caught up in the tragic circumstances.

I would like to wish him good luck with his campaign to encourage newspaper editors and journalists in the ways of decency especially as, if recent PCC rulings are anything to go by, he will be needing it…

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Happy Birthday George

ten minutes hate will be marking the occasion with a dram of Jura and one or many of these.

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Building a dream

Diane Abbott called it right.  According to Paul Waugh on Twitter:

As well they might.  But do not be mistaken, although Liberal Democrats with narrow majorities over Labour MPs will be rueing the day they lined up for such a shafting, it is all of us who will be getting fucked.

Royally, in fact.  While the Queen struggles to get by on £7.9m, while the banks cough up an estimated £2bn per year in return for the £850bn they were gifted, pensioners, the disabled, the unemployed, those claiming housing benefit, lone parents and pregnant women – fat cats one and all – will be ensuring that Britain’s books are balanced by the time of the Olympics after the one we are still spending billions on.

Whatever else you think of it, it is no-one’s idea of progressive. Nor is the raise in VAT, of which the richest 10% pay one in every 25 pounds of their income and the poorest 10% pay one in every seven pounds.  Meanwhile our corporation tax will now fall to a level that, according to the Channel 4 News FactCheck, will make it the fifth lowest in the G20.  Hooray for corporations!

Still, at least the cider tax has been reduced.  I suggest you lay in a few bottles before the VAT goes up.  You will soon be needing the warm glow and sweet balm of oblivion that they can provide, along with this beautiful evocation of Depression-era survival techniques from Tom Waits.

A warning: The last time the Tories tried cutting the deficit following a major worldwide economic crash, it did not end well. See you in the breadlines!

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Iceland gets its mojo back

Go on, admit it, you were all set to hate them forever for ruining your holiday and stranding you in Bali…

… and then they go and do this.

If it weren’t for the price of booze, I suspect most journalists would be on the first plane!

In honour of Iceland, today’s musical hit comes from the Sugarcubes:

Photo borrowed from Science Blogs



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World Cup naysayers

The World Cup is here and isn’t it glorious? The sun shines and I manage to fit in an early morning stroll on the beach before heading home to watch three almost back-to-back football matches EACH DAY. Envy my life!

Of course, the commentators are as stupid as ever.  Life in South Africa is far from the glorious multi-cultural paradise that the broadcaster’s musical montages portray.  There are too many 0-0 or 1-0 scorelines.  Even Fabio Capello got in on the act with a proper moan about the tournament ball.

But I refuse to get involved in this naysaying.

So what does it matter if the only game scoreline I have correctly predicted so far was that between the Netherlands and Denmark?  I wasn’t seriously expecting to win the sweepstake anyway.  And so what if there have been so many nil-nils, are you all Americans or rugby fans?  A game with a scoreline of nil-nil can still be full of great moments.  And when the goals do come, they range from easy tap ins, to ones that should never have gone in via those that prove God is not an Englishman, whatever the Daily Mail thinks.

Most importantly, the 2010 World Cup has brought us the phenomenal talents of MC (Archbishop) Desmond Tutu.  What a guy.  (Ignore the slightly dodgy French voiceover here and just check out his dancing):

What’s not to love?  I say, let us get on with enjoying the World Cup for what it is: lots and lots of football matches one after the other.  And let us feel especially grateful that the vuvuzelas are drowning out most of the commentary!


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A warning to children

Children, do not bully the weird kids at school, for they may grow up to be a Treasury secretary and exact a most terrible vengeance on us all.

Picture borrowed from here

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